Bulgaria and Greece to sign memorandum on development of Thessaloniki – Rousse multimodal transport corridor

Bulgaria’s government said on July 12 that it had approved a draft memorandum of understanding on the development of the Thessaloniki – Kavala – Alexandroupolis – Bourgas – Varna – Rousse railway link.

The Cabinet authorised Transport Minister Ivailo Moskovski to sign the document on behalf of the Bulgarian government.

The document regulates the preparatory work and joint management of the corridor by both countries.

The project envisages connecting the Danube, the Black and the Aegean Sea with a fast rail corridor, as well as the development of the ports that are part of the main TEN-T network.

It includes the construction of a double electrified railway line with an ERTMS implemented rail traffic management system.

(Photo: Eiji Miura)

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