Bulgaria’s fence at Turkish border so far has cost close to 170M leva – deputy interior minister

A sum of 169 309 121 leva has been paid so for the fence at the border with Turkey, Bulgaria’s deputy interior minister Philip Gounev told reporters on December 9 2016, responding to opposition allegations that the bill was 250 million leva.

Gounev said that if the cost of road-building was not included, the sum came to about 145 million leva.

In the National Assembly earlier on December 9, Bulgarian Socialist Party MP Dragomir Stoinev asked how much the fence was costing and whether it had any effect. He said that the cost was 250 million leva, and the fence was not yet finished.

Gounev said that comparisons with how much the previous section of the fence had cost were completely inappropriate because cost varied greatly depending on the terrain to be covered.

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