Ecumenical Patriarch sends call for Orthodox unity from Crete

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew sent a message of unity of Orthodox Churches upon his arrival in Crete for the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church.

Bartholomew, during a welcoming ceremony at the Chania airport, thanked all those who have contributed to the holding of the Council, which he described as “large and important event”, while he did not fail to mention the decision of some Orthodox Churches to not attend.

“This great event is overshadowed by the decision of some Churches not to participate in the Holy Council. The responsibility for the decision rests with these churches and their Primates, because just five months ago in Geneva, during the gathering of Orthodox Primates, we decided and signed to come in June to Crete and realise this vision that all Churches share for the proclamation and the demonstration of the unity of the Orthodox Church and in deliberation and decision, together, for the problems, the Orthodox world is facing today,” Bartholomew said, adding: “I wish these Churches, even in retrospect, even at the last moment, would reconsider the decision, to respect their signatures, and to come here, in Crete”.

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