Ex-Kremlin aide found dead in DC hotel ‘departed US 40 days after his own death’

The mysterious death of former Kremlin aide Mikhail Lesin has gotten even weirder as details have emerged showing that Lesin – or someone pretending to be him – travelled out of the US after his death.

Lesin, the founder of Russia’s RT news agency, largely seen as the Kremlin’s propaganda machine, was found dead in a hotel room in Washington DC on November 5. Although Russian media immediately proclaimed that he had died from a heart attack, many believe foul play was involved – a theory that gained credence last week when US authorities announced Lesin had died from a blow to the head.

Now, just days after that revelation, a Russian activist has published documents purporting to show that Lesin’s passport went through U.S. customs in the Los Angeles airport on December 15 – more than a month after Lesin had been found dead.

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