Bulgarian PM tells Parliament of his frustration with Greek border blockade

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov has told the National Assembly of his frustration with the Greek border blockade, describing it as an outrage and a “genocide of our people”.

Borissov was replying to questions in Parliament about the blockade, begun about a month by Greek farmers protesting against pension system reforms. Recently, Bulgarian lorry drivers countered with a blockade of their own and have given the Greeks an ultimatum that if by February 29 the blockade is not permanently lifted, they will embark on long-term halting of the transport of Greek agricultural products.

Borissov described how he and his officials repeatedly had been in contact with the Greek government and the European Commission, with no result.

“We have run out of steps to take on the situation on the Bulgarian-Greek border. It is an outrage, for which there is no justification. Every day, I send letters to Brussels, every day I am talking to them, and I do not know what to do anymore. Absolutely disgraceful,” he told the House.

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