Video of lawmaker manhandling Yatsenyuk more popular than Ukraine’s slick tourism promotion

Ukraine’s Economy Ministry recently unveiled a stylish new video to promote Ukraine as a tourism destination. They were happy that the clip got 190,000 views in almost two weeks. However, a single fight in the Verkhovna Rada effortlessly grabbled the international spotlight for Ukraine in a typically unflattering way.

So while breathtaking landscapes and skylines are pleasant enough, a video showing a member of Ukraine’s parliament hoisting the prime minister by his crotch proved irresistible. In less than a week since Oleh Barna tried to carry Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the podium on Dec. 11, the incident has been viewed more than five million times on YouTube.

Moreover, the video of Yatsenyuk – and the fight that Barna’s actions triggered – made the news internationally in ways that Ukraine’s tourism promoters could only dream about.

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(Photo: Volodymyr Petrov)