Bulgarians most use the internet for online calls – survey

Bulgarians most make use of the internet for online calls such as webcam chats, according to a survey by the National Statistical Institute, which found that more than 83 per cent of individuals going online for private purposes use it for this.

After that came e-mails (78.9 per cent), social networks (75.9 per cent), reading online news sites (70.7 per cent), finding information about goods or services (61.7 per cent), according to the poll, done among 4085 households and in which 9011 people aged 16 to 74 were interviewed.

Activities ranking lowest were internet banking (9.8 per cent), participating in professional networks (7.6 per cent) and taking part in on-line consultations or voting to define civic or political issues (5.5 per cent).

The survey on information and communications technology (ICT) usage in households and by individuals showed that in Bulgaria, 59.1 per cent of households had access to the internet at home in 2015, a growth of 2.4 percentage points, compared to the previous year.

The relative share of households using broadband internet connection was increased (by 2.3 percentage points) – up to 58.8 per cent, or almost all households with internet access were ensured with fast and reliable connection.

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(Image: Bkrosnov)