Agreement signed for Baltic–Poland gas pipeline

The Governments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the European Commission, have reached an agreement that will allow the construction of the Gas Interconnector Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) by December 2019.

The objective is to end the long lasting gas isolation of the Baltic Sea region and bring the energy needed for a new economic dynamism to the region, according to an EU press release.

A central element of the EU’s Energy Union strategy is bridging missing links in the energy infrastructure. “The solidarity shown by the participating member states shows how joining forces can make all parts of the European Union stronger and more resilient to potential shortages. The participating states are committed to work together also in the future to further reinforce the region’s integration into the EU’s internal energy market,” an EU press release stated.

The Commission has committed itself to creating links that allow energy to flow where it is most needed and to ensure that every member state has access to at least three sources for energy. Building missing cross-border links between the Baltic Sea region and the rest of the EU energy market is a priority for the Commission.

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(Photo: Marco Caliulo/