Film review: The Gift

We’ve all run into people from the past whom we wish would stay in the past. Promises to call and meet up are just a polite formality. Exchanged phone numbers quickly become scraps of disposable paper.

In The Gift, a couple moves back to near the husband’s hometown. While they are buying furniture, a sort of odd man turns up and after an awkward moment it turns out they knew each other a long time ago, in school. While they are talking, the couple gives the store clerk their address for the delivery.

This sets up a chain of events in a psychological thriller that has been compared to works by Hitchcock, and while it is good, it is not exactly in that league. But in a summer of explosion-filled blockbusters it is good alternative.

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(Still of Jason Bateman, Joel Edgerton and Rebecca Hall in The Gift. Photo by: Matt Kennedy/Matt Kennedy – © 2015 STX Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.)