Stones thrown at Serbian PM Vucic at Srebrenica commemoration

The worst scenario of the BiH police regarding the visit of Serb prime minister Aleksandar Vucic to Srebrenica commemoration came true when a group of participants threw stones at him and forced the Serb delegation to leave Potocari cemetery in a hurry.

Vucic’s arrival in Srebrenica was welcomed by many local and international officials, but police agencies warned a day before that there was great risk of violent episodes erupting. Upon arriving in Srebrenica, one of the mothers who lost several members of her family in Srebrenica genocide gave him the “Srebrenica flower”, a symbol of the 20th anniversary. Vucic wrote a message in the book of condolences. After the ceremony a group of Bosniak attendees attacked Vucic and his delegation. While laying flowers in the sacral part of the Memorial Centre in Potocari and while the gathered mass of people shouted “Allahu Akbar”, Vucic was showered with stones from the gathered crowd, who booed and shouted “Responsibility” and “Justice”. The police immediately intervened.

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