Bulgaria has lowest consumption per capita in EU – Eurostat

Bulgaria ranks lowest among European Union member countries in actual individual consumption (AIC) per capita, a measure of the material wealth of households, EU statistics office Eurostat said on June 16 2015.

Citing figures for 2014, Eurostat said that Bulgaria’s actual individual consumption was about 49 per cent of the EU average.

Second lowest was Romania, at 55 per cent of the EU average, and Croatia, at 59 per cent.

Eurostat also gave figures for would-be EU countries, of which one – Turkey – ranked higher than Bulgaria, at 57 per cent, while Montenegro matched Bulgaria at 49 per cent.

Serbia was at 44 per cent of the EU average, Macedonia 40 per cent, Albania 34 per cent and Bosnia and Herzegovina at 37 per cent.

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(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)