Greek government expects proposed reforms to bring 3.27B euro in revenue

The Greek government expects to collect 3.27 billion euro in revenue from the list of reforms that it has sent to the country’s creditors and is being discussed by the Brussels Group. The proposal includes the taxation of deposits abroad, which is expected to provide revenue of 750 million euro, debt arrangements, a crackdown on smuggling and a tender to licence television stations. Additionally, 1.5 billion euro in revenue is expected to come from the sale of Piraeus port and regional airports, as well granting a licence for horse-racing betting.

The full contents of the letter that was sent by Athens, as leaked by MacroPolis think-tank, follows:

“Greece and the Brussels Group began discussing over the weekend the details of the fiscal and structural measures proposed by Athens with the aim of securing the gradual disbursal of the remaining 7.2 billion euro in bailout funds. There are conflicting reports about how the negotiations are progressing and whether the reforms list contains enough detail. The Greek government insists that talks are on the right path and its proposals have been thoroughly prepared.

Reports suggest that with Athens running out of liquidity an initial agreement between Greece and its lenders could see the European Central Bank lift the 15-billion-euro limit on T-Bill issues, allowing the government to avoid the possibility of a default before an bailout tranches are released.”

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(Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras speaks to German chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the European Council meeting on March 19 2015. Photo: EC audiovisual service)