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March 5, 2015, by The Kyiv Post

Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian army officer imprisoned in Moscow, has terminated her 80-day hunger strike. After spending 2.5 months on glucosis and amino acid injections only, Savchenko has agreed to eat […]

Moldova after the elections: Politics overtakes reform

March 5, 2015, by Corneliu Ciurea for the European Council on Foreign Relations

What has happened in Moldova in recent months can be explained by saying that political logic is finally taking revenge on bureaucratic logic. Moldova ...

Film review: American Sniper

March 5, 2015, by Andre Crous of The Prague Post

Neither a gung-ho, chest-pounding panegyric to the magnificence of the US military nor a blind defense of the Iraq War, which by now even the most ard ...

Gender pay gap in Bulgaria has worsened, but still better than EU average

March 5, 2015, by The Sofia Globe staff

The gender pay gap in Bulgaria widened from 12.3 per cent in 2008 to 13.5 per cent in 2013, but was still better than the European Union average, goin ...

  • Head of Bulgaria’s Harmanli refugee centre dismissed
    March 5, 2015, by The Sofia Globe staff

    The head of Bulgaria’s State Agency for Refugees, Nikola Kazakov, has fired the director of the Harmanli refugee centre, Marko Petrov. The order dismissing Petrov was issued on January 27 […]