EU foreign ministers agree to extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine

European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels have agreed to impose new sanctions over Russia’s alleged involvement in the Ukraine conflict. This will see an already existing “blacklist” of individuals expanded.

The European Union’s foreign policy coordinator, Federica Mogherini, told reporters in Brussels on Thursday that she and the bloc’s 28 foreign ministers had agreed to draw up a new list of people to be targeted by sanctions within the next week. She said the final decision to implement the sanctions, which amount to asset freezes and a ban on those listed entering the EU, would be taken at a further meeting of the foreign ministers, on February 9.


She said they had also agreed to do preparatory work for other possible future “appropriate action.”
“We have shown that the EU is ready to take further measures and to prepare further measures in the weeks to come if the situation doesn’t improve,” Mogherini said.

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(Photos, of Greek foreign minister Nikolaos Kotzias and German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and of EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini: EC Audiovisual Service)