Twelve former State Security agents in Bulgaria’s new National Assembly

Twelve members of Bulgaria’s 240-member 43rd National Assembly, that took office on October 27, formerly worked for the country’s communist-era secret service State Security or military intelligence.

There are former State Security or military intelligence people in five out of the eight parties represented in Bulgaria’s newly-elected Parliament, and they include a party leader and a Deputy Speaker.

The only group in Parliament that had no former State Security agents among its MP candidates is the centre-right Reformist Bloc. Before the October 5 elections, a check by the Dossier Commission identified one of its candidate MPs as former State Security. That candidate was prevailed on to withdraw.

The populist Bulgaria Without Censorship and socialist breakaway ABC both had former State Security people among their candidates, but while each party won seats, none of the former State Security agents on their lists made it into Parliament.

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