Film review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The film noir atmosphere is overwrought, the gallons of white blood spilled across a black night sky have become dull, and even if we can understand their motivations, we lack empathy for almost all the characters. Welcome to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the return but not quite the sequel to the eventful, rule-breaking and pitch black-and-white action-meets-animation Sin City from 2005.

In a play on words, the city in the titles actually refers to Basin City, which appears to literally lie in a valley, given the views from the vertiginous cliff face where the action is often set and where (no spoilers here) a few characters lose their lives in often gruesome ways.

But of course, the visuals also very transparently suggest the seedy side of the city, where even the cops are scared to venture. “This rotten town; it soils everybody,” says a character toward the end of the film. This is the setting for many stories that are not inexpertly told by Robert Rodriguez and do have their funny lines but bring little that is new or particularly creative.

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*The film premiered in Bulgarian cinemas on September 4, in English with Bulgarian subtitles, under the title Sin City 2: Жена, за която да убиеш.