Heavy rains, floods in Bulgaria destroy thousands of hectares of wheat, ruin fruit and vegetables

About 25 000 hectares of Bulgaria’s wheat have been destroyed by recent heavy rains, ruining about 25 per cent of the expected harvest, while the deluges also have obliterated various fruit and vegetable crops in parts of Bulgaria.

Speaking to public broadcaster Bulgarian National Radio on June 22, at the close of a weekend that followed deadly floods along much of the country’s Black Sea coastal areas, agriculture minister Dimitar Grekov said that most of the affected wheat crops were in the Dobrudhza area.

On June 19, which saw fatal flooding in Varna’s Asparouhovo area as well as in Dobrich and further inland at Veliko Turnovo, Shabla in the Dobrudzha area of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast was hit by 184 litres a sq m of rain.

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(Photo: ozgurmulazimoglu/flickr.com)