Kostunica’s resignation: Political retirement of last Serbian Euro-skeptic

When a Serbian party leader resigns it is a truly unusual, almost bizarre event. Serbian party leaders usually keep their positions at any price, despite their unpopularity or electoral defeats.

Therefore, the decision of the former Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica to resign after his Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) failed to reach the five per cent threshold to enter the parliament in the March 16 elections was a surprise for both common people and experts. But this resignation was not a precedent for Kostunica.

In 2008, when Kosovo Albanians unilaterally declared the independence of the territory, Kostunica resigned as prime minister because his coalition partners did not accept the DSS demand that Serbian negotiations with the European Union be suspended; Kostunica has been insisting that the EU was the main sponsor of the separatists.

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