Slovakia’s presidential elections: Fico plays rough in campaign

Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico, who in the first round of presidential voting failed to carry anywhere near the vote count his Smer party did in the 2012 parliamentary elections, has his campaign reloaded and ready to go as he takes on philanthropist Andrej Kiska in the second round run-off scheduled for March 29.

Based on recent evidence, the country looks set for confrontational days ahead.

Fico has made Scientology a buzzword of the day, accusing Kiska of links to the Church of Scientology with the philanthropist calling the allegations preposterous, while appealing to the prime minister to focus on the country’s problems and on what the president can do about them. Meanwhile, information that Fico’s own government-approved subsidies to a company run by a scientologist has surfaced, dragging the level of discussion down further.

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