Yanukovych uncompromising in talks with three ex-presidents

President Viktor Yanukovych agreed to look into the cases of 10 protesters who were arrested and still in custody after clashes with police during anti-government rallies that have lasted over three weeks, but indicated no other possible exit strategies for the current political gridlock.

Speaking to three of his predecessors — Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko — during a televised discussion in Kyiv, Yanukovych insisted that both sides were at fault during the violent clashes between police and peaceful demonstrators on Nov. 30 and Dec.1.

“On both sides, violations of law that took place on Maidan have to be investigated, and those guilty have to be punished – on both sides,” said Yanukovych.

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Photo, of Viktor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych, Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma: Provided)