Film review: Filth

Bruce Robertson, the main character of Filth, is pretty messed-up.

Despite being a nymphomaniac, alcoholic detective in the Scottish police force who doesn’t seem to work much except for hanging out with fellow detective Ray Lennox, many years his junior, always in the company of either prostitutes, copious amounts of cocaine, or both, Bruce (James McAvoy) nonetheless covets an upcoming promotion to become detective inspector. And he will do everything in his power to undermine the competition.

He introduces us to said competition early on, but from the look of them, he doesn’t have much to worry about: Dougie Gilman, a detective so bad he doesn’t even know his wife is cheating on him with Bruce; Gus Bain, who wouldn’t know a killer if he stabbed him in the front; Peter Inglis, a man who faces open hostility from his colleagues because he is very likely homosexual; Amanda Drummond, the only woman on the team; and the youthful Lennox (Jamie Bell).

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