Slovakia’s regional elections: Fico claims victory for Smer

Three of the eight self-governing regions, known by Slovaks under the acronym VÚCs have elected their leaders in the first round of regional elections held on November 9: Incumbent Peter Chudík, supported by Smer, Our Region and the Party of Modern Slovakia, won the Prešov race and Smer-backed incumbent Juraj Blanár has secured his position in Žilina. Trenčín went to Smer candidate Jaroslav Baška, according to the official results announced by the Central Elections Commission on November 10.

In the remaining five regions, Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice, Nitra and Trnava, the two top candidates will compete in second round elections, to be held on November 23. In four of the five regions, Smer-supported candidates won the first round.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was quick to announce his Smer party as the victor of the VÚC elections.

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