Romanian-Bulgarian trade ‘to surpass three billion euro this year’

Trade between Romania and Bulgaria is expected to total more than three billion euro in 2013, Bronislav Denev, economic advisor at the Bulgarian embassy in Bucharest said on July 3.

Speaking to state news wire Agerpres during a Bulgarian food and drinks sample event, Denev said bilateral trade this year is expected to come to the same amount as last year, a little moe than three billion euro. The record was set in 2011 when Romanian-Bulgarian trade totalled  3.5 billion euro.

“In 2012, we had a decrease of about 250 million euro, but we saw that as a normal situation in these times of crisis. I am positive this crisis brings us even closer and is, maybe, a lesson or a real situation which gives us the opportunity to be closer to each other and work together” he said.

The Bulgarian diplomat said that there is a premise for bilateral trade to go over three billion euro this year, too, after the first three months saw an increase of trade compared to 2012.


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