Bulgaria’s new Foreign Minister on the Western Balkans, former State Security agents

Bulgaria’s new Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin, a member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party cabinet that came to power in Sofia on May 29, has spoken of the approach that his ministry will take on the Western Balkans and on the controversial issue of agents of the communist-era State Security who were serving as diplomats before being axed as ambassadors by the previous government.

In an interview with state news agency BTA, Vigenin, till now a two-term MEP and head of the socialist Coalition for Bulgaria’s foreign policy desk, said that the planned good neighbourliness agreement between Bulgaria and Macedonia would remain on the agenda.

For many years, relations between Sofia and Skopje have been complex, with Bulgaria frequently annoyed by anti-Bulgarian propaganda in its neighbour as well as alleged harassment by Skopje of Macedonians who define themselves as Bulgarian.

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