Film review: Total Recall

It was a tough assignment: Remake one of the most iconic science-fiction films, one that has achieved cult status, and do a good job of it for a 21st-century viewer.

The director, Len Wiseman, had mostly done schlock horror like the Underworld films, so there was little to be optimistic about. However, despite the inevitably disappointing comparisons with films like The Matrix and Dark City, which deal with very similar material but are infinitely more attuned to aesthetic and cognitive considerations, this Total Recall is not all bad, though it’s far from good.

It is based, of course, on the 1990 Paul Verhoeven film of the same name, and although this new remake is less of a mind-bender, it largely benefits from featuring Colin Farrell in the role played by Arnold Schwarzenegger 22 years ago.

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(Director Len Wiseman talks about the Total Recall remake at the 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego, photo by Pop Culture Geek/