Film review: The Amazing Spider-man

You may think we’ve seen it all before. In fact, we’ve seen it all before quite recently, having just gone through the three awful Tobey Maguire-starring, Sam Raimi-directed films, released 2002 through 2007. But there is a twist this time: All the twists are built into this first film, with flawless acting and a perfectly cast Andrew Garfield in the title role, and at many turns the viewer will be surprised by the development of this film’s plot, and left with no clear idea what to expect in the inevitable next one.

As Peter Parker, the shyish high-school boy who grows up with his aunt and uncle after his parents die in a mysterious car crash, Garfield delivers exactly the right amount of physical awkwardness without ever descending to the level of pathetic whining we had to endure with Maguire.

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