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wedding rings photo Kai Kuusik-Greenbaum
September 13, 2016, by

There are different kinds of expat relationships, in many ways. Actually, in all ways. But let’s look at nationalities, languages and a few other aspects here, in connection with close […]


In Western Bulgaria: The Botanical Garden of Love

September 4, 2016, by

Yasen Ivanov opens the gate to his garden on a Saturday in early September, shortly before 10am. He seems to be surprised that there are visitors from ...


Lancelot Nelson: Shooting the Podcaster

August 31, 2016, by

Since May of 2014, Lance Nelson has been recording and publishing his podcast “Bulgaria Now”. On a regular basis, he interviews expats in Bulgaria ...


Hitchhiking race: First German team reaches Bulgaria

August 30, 2016, by

A hitchhiking race from Germany to Bulgaria is about to end. The first of six teams reached the village of Tsigov Chark, in the Rila mountain range, r ...

  • TimClinchOnBNT
    UK expat saves community centre in Veliko Turnovo village
    August 30, 2016, by

    Tim Clinch is a British expat in Bulgaria, and an excellent photographer. Ten years ago, he purchased a house in the village of Mindya, located close to Veliko Tarnovo. Clinch […]

  • Vilian Stefanov
    Vilian Stefanov: Across Bulgaria on foot and by kayak
    August 28, 2016, by

    The adventurer Vilian Stefanov managed to cross Bulgaria from south to north in 25 days. His means of travel: He walked. When he hit water, he used his inflatable kayak. […]

  • dimitur-tsonev-246990-810x0
    Prominent Bulgarian TV presenter Dimitar Tsonev dies
    August 23, 2016, by The Sofia Globe staff

    Dimitar Tsonev, a prominent Bulgarian television journalist and former government spokesperson, died on August 23 at the age of 56, nine days after a severe stroke. The son of famous […]

  • child
    Trilingual children: Expat families and languages
    August 15, 2016, by

    There are different kinds of expat families. Some share the same nationality, others do not. Some begin raising their children in their home country, before they become expats. In some […]