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October 1, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff

Part of the largest sunken glass treasure on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has been found off Bourgas, according to a media statement by Bourgas municipality. The statement said that for […]

Archaeology: Fortified Hellenistic centre found at Bulgaria’s Cape Chiroza site

August 19, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff

The first stage of the excavations of a fortified Hellenistic site from the second to the first century BCE, located on Cape Chiroza between the Kraim ...

Archaeology: Sixth-century rotunda mausoleum found at Bulgaria’s Perperikon

August 16, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff

The remains of a rotunda mausoleum estimated to date from the time of Justinian the Great, the Eastern Roman emperor in the sixth century CE, has been ...

Archaeology: 8000-year-old skeletons found at Slatina site in Bulgarian capital Sofia

July 28, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff

A Bulgarian team of archaeologists has found four Early Neolithic tombs estimated to date back 8000 years at the Slatina site in capital city Sofia, t ...