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  • Slovakia filed lawsuit against quotas
    December 3, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Slovakia filed a lawsuit against the Council of the European Union concerning the adoption of mandatory refugee quotas on December 2. It asks the Court of Justice in Luxembourg to declare […]

  • New anti-terrorism laws proposed in Slovakia
    November 26, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Uncontrolled migration is an unprecedented risk for Slovakia and the entire EU, according to Prime Minister Robert Fico, and his government is now responding with a set of what it calls […]

  • Slovak police search hotels for foreigners
    November 25, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Following prime minister Robert Fico’s statement that the government would monitor every Muslim in Slovakia, the police started searching for foreigners, particularly Arabs, Syrians and refugees in the hotels and […]

  • Slovakia ignores EU rules on refugees
    November 3, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    The European Commission has noticed that Slovakia has not been fulfilling its duties stemming from the EU quotas on re-distribution of refugees among member states. It is, however, tight lipped about […]

  • Coca-Cola leaving Slovakia
    October 29, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    The management of the Coca-Cola plant in the village of Lúka near Piešťany told its employees that the factory is to be closed down as of March 31 of next year. […]

  • Slovakia selects refugees while sending police to assist in Hungary
    October 15, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Slovakia is acting in line with the requests of the European Union, while still preparing a lawsuit concerning the mandatory quotas for the redistribution of refugees. The first representative of the Slovak Migration […]