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December 1, 2020, by Mark Thomas

As the first snow of the year appears, thoughts at this time of year usually turn to the forthcoming ski season, but this year is of course somewhat different than […]

Covid-19: What will happen to the cost of travel?

November 1, 2020, by Mark Thomas

What seems like an eternity ago, we were asked our opinion about which way the cost of travel would head at the end of the current farce. Of course th ...

Comment: Why airlines can’t return to normal

July 1, 2020, by Mark Thomas

As the general public leans towards the mentality that the world is now “almost” normal again, politicians and medical experts have a totally diff ...

Tourism: Summer is here – but not as we may know it

June 1, 2020, by Mark Thomas

The summer holiday for many people is a “rite” as opposed to being an option. There are times, of course, in life when each of us has to forgo thi ...

  • Comment: Which way will airfares head?
    May 4, 2020, by Mark Thomas

    Whenever and if ever the world of travel restarts, things are most definitely not going to be as they were when the world stopped. This also applies to the cost […]

  • Comment: Tourism and the missing word ‘Bulgaria’
    November 26, 2019, by Mark Thomas

    As winter draws nearer, tourism folk seem more concerned with the ongoing fallout from the collapse of tour operating giant Thomas Cook and the perceived potential impact that will have […]

  • Commentary: Bulgaria’s summer 2019 tourist season
    August 21, 2019, by Mark Thomas

    Summer is finally here in Bulgaria, but what appears not to be here are masses of tourists. Of course, the success or otherwise of a tourist season cannot be measured […]