Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus in joint statement on migration situation in eastern Mediterranean

Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus will make a joint statement on the importance of the migration situation in the eastern Mediterranean at the next meeting of the EU’s justice and home affairs council on October 7 and 8, Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry said.

The Bulgarian media statement said that the three countries had three objectives.

The first was to reiterate that the frontier countries along the Eastern Mediterranean Route are also facing the migration challenges Europe is facing.

The second was to encourage European partners, the European Commission and other European institutions to take action and also address the persistently disproportionate migration challenges facing these countries, the statement said.

The third was to emphasize the need for specific measures at EU level in the context of European solidarity and responsibility, with a fair distribution of burdens, through first-country relocation, a credible return-to-third-party policy and broader support for the EU countries directly concerned.

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(Photo: Interior Ministry press centre)