Bulgarian President’s office speaks on explicit photos of girlfriend of Sofia mayoral candidate

More than four days after outrage erupted over the posting on a Bulgarian “media” website of explicit photos of sex acts by the girlfriend of a candidate in the autumn 2019 mayoral elections in Sofia, the office of head of state President Roumen Radev issued a statement on the controversy.

The posting by the website “PIK” of the explicit photos led to condemnation by the Association of European Journalists Bulgaria, a number of Bulgarian-language media, and a statement by the Association of Broadcasters, which affirmed journalistic ethics.

The Association of European Journalists Bulgaria has called for a boycott by government organisations and private companies of websites that practise what the association called “porno journalism”.

In a statement on September 9, reported by Bulgarian National Television but that by the late evening had not been posted on the President’s website, the press secretary of the Bulgarian President said: “In connection with a number of inquiries about the Presidential institutions attitude to vulgar publications and the activities of the “PIK” agency…the transformation of certain media to an instrument of political self-righteousness poses a threat not only to free journalism, but also to civil society”.

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(Photo: Victor Semionov)


Bulgaria’s 2019 local elections: ‘No porno journalism’ campaign after site posts obscene photos