Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections: Intellectuals call for ‘pro-European, pro-democracy and pro-liberal’ vote

More than 500 intellectuals in Bulgaria have signed an open letter calling on voters in the May 26 European Parliament elections to support parties and candidates that are “pro-European, pro-democracy and pro-liberal”.

The open letter was issued to mark both the May 24 Day of Slavonic Language and Literature and the May 26 election day.

The signatories describe themselves as “citizens united by the values of liberal democracy and the protection of human rights”.

The letter calls on Bulgarians to “firmly unite on the democratic principles and liberal values of freedom, equality, respect for civil and human rights, tolerance, solidarity, environmental protection and the concern of all members of society, enshrined in the basic documents of the European Union”.

“We are deeply concerned with the increasing polarisation in society both in Bulgaria and globally,” the letter says.

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(Photo: podtepeto.com)


Bulgaria’s May 26 2019 European Parliament elections: Factfile