Tensions sky high as Greek parliament discusses Prespa Agreement

As Greece’s parliament prepares to vote on January 24 on the Prespa Agreement which provides for the name of the neighbouring former Yugoslav republic to become “Northern Macedonia”, political developments in Athens continued to come in thick and fast on Monday.

To Potami MPs Giorgos Amiras and Grigoris Psarianos announced their resignations from the party, in protest against the Prespa Agreement. The move leaves To Potami party with three MPs, two fewer than it needs to have a parliamentary group. As a result, Stavros Theodorakis loses his parliamentary privileges as party leader, leaving the party in tatters.

Against this backdrop, the Prespa Agreement was put to the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and defence for debate. Tensions were high as opposition MPs fiercely attacked the government’s handling of the ratification procedure.

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(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)