Bulgaria’s population dropped to just more than seven million at beginning of 2018 – Eurostat

The population of Bulgaria was 7 050 000 as at January 1 2018, dropping from more than 7.1 million on the same date a year earlier, European Union statistics agency Eurostat said.

This represented a decrease of 7.3 percentage points, the fourth-largest drop in population in an EU country.

In 2017, the rate at which deaths outnumbered births was highest in Bulgaria, Eurostat said. Bulgaria also had the highest death rate in an EU country.

Eurostat said that on January 1 2018, the population of the EU was estimated at 512.6 million, compared with 511.5 million on January 1 2017.

During the year 2017, more deaths than births were recorded in the EU (5.3 million deaths and 5.1 million births), meaning that the natural change of the EU population was negative.

The population change (positive, with 1.1 million more inhabitants) was therefore due to net migration.

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(Photo: Anton Lefterov)