In Hungary election voters face choice of nightmares

Smiling politicians line Budapest’s grand avenues canvassing support ahead of April 8 elections. However, few are from Fidesz, Hungary’s ruling party since 2010.

Instead, Fidesz billboards star the challengers to Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Photoshopped around an image of George Soros, they wield bolt cutters. The message is simple: The opposition is conspiring with the Jewish billionaire — vilified by Orban and his party — to cut down the border fences the government built to halt a flood of illegal migrants from the Middle East intent on annihilating Hungarian and European culture.

Orban has amplified a vicious three-year campaign against immigration, the EU and liberal democracy in the run-up to the vote. Polls suggest the fear-mongering is working, and he’ll win a third successive term.

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