In Parliament, Borissov’s party demands resignation of presidential aide who dressed up as Hitler

In a statement in the National Assembly on June 16, Prime Minister Boiko Borissov’s GERB party repeated its demand for the resignation of presidential counsellor and former caretaker interior minister Plamen Uzunov because of photos of him at a party dressed as Adolf Hitler.

Uzunov has refused to resign as President Roumen Radev’s secretary on anti-corruption over the photos, taken at a New Year’s party in 2003. On June 15, Radev publicly backed Uzunov, saying it was absurd to equate masquerading as Hitler with flirting with Nazism.

GERB accused the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party – which backed Radev’s ticket in the 2016 presidential elections – of failing to condemn the presidential official for the same offence for which members of the Borissov Cabinet had been attacked.

This was a reference to two recent episodes in which photos emerged of officials giving Nazi salutes. One resigned as a deputy minister, after only two days in office, but the other – a Defence Ministry employee – has retained his job with the backing of Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov, a co-leader of the nationalist United Patriots.

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