Bulgarian Prosecutor-General Tsatsarov holds talks with President Radev on judicial reform

Continuing his series of meetings with senior figures in Bulgaria’s judicial system, President Roumen Radev held talks on June 7 with Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov, who said that Radev had a “detailed knowledge of all the problems in the judiciary”.

The Wednesday meeting was the third in the series, after Radev held discussions with Supreme Administrative Court head Georgi Kolev on June 5 and with Supreme Cassation Court head Lozan Panov on June 6.

Tsatsarov said that Radev had an “extremely good and I would say, a detailed knowledge of the problems of the judiciary, of all elements of the judiciary, of all its bodies”.

Radev had reaffirmed that solving the problems of the judiciary would be complex, “that is, it cannot be confined to declaring one or another institution guilty of all the problems in the judiciary, but to solve the problems of all the institutions and to seek the best for Bulgarian citizens,” Tsatsarov said.

At the same time, Tsatsarov hit out at Panov, who is the president of the court that is supreme in all criminal and civil trials in Bulgaria, and who said the previous day that a Grand National Assembly should be convened to amend the constitution to separate the prosecution from the judiciary.

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