Borissov heads GERB negotiating team on new Bulgarian government

The leader of Bulgaria’s centre-right GERB party, twice former prime minister Boiko Borissov, has taken personal charge of the team negotiating a possible new government, his party said on April 3.

In Bulgaria’s March 26 2017 early parliamentary elections, GERB won 95 of the 240 seats in the National Assembly and needs at least one sufficiently large coalition partner to have sufficient support in Parliament for a government.

This partner currently is seen as most likely being the nationalist United Patriots coalition, which has 27 MPs.

GERB has ruled out involving the second-largest party, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, in a coalition. In turn, the BSP has ruled out being in a coalition government with GERB. Borissov’s party also has ruled out a coalition government with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the fourth-largest of the five parties in the new National Assembly.

An initial meeting was held with the three co-leaders of the United Patriots last Friday, described by participants as being only a general discussion.

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