Bulgaria tops Romanian tourists’ preferences

More than a million Romanian tourists visited Bulgaria in 2015, making them the most numerous foreigners in the neighbouring country for the eighth year in a row.

Each one spent, on average, 600 to 800 euro. So the revenue these tourists bring to Bulgaria is about a billion euro, according to figures quoted by the Bulgarian embassy in Bucharest.

But other countries in the Balkans are also in the focus for Romanian tourists, and Bucharest-based tourism consultant Liviu Curta named a few of them for IBNA. “The favourite destinations for Romanian tourists are, without any doubt, Bulgaria and Greece. Both countries still range high when it comes to the quality of the services, where Greece has a bit of a plus, in my opinion. Rates are also very good in both countries. I should add that when it comes to the full season length, Greece has a bigger time range than Bulgaria, it’s somewhere between 30 and 45 days,” Curta says.

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(Photo Mariana Ivanova Ruseva /vacacionesbulgaria.co)