Plevneliev: ‘The next big idea could be born anywhere in Bulgaria’

Bulgaria today is the centre of an actively developing innovation ecosystem and is a leader in a region with a population of 150 million people, President Rossen Plevneliev said on April 19 at the opening of the annual Webit conference.

“We are ambitious, we have a plan and the results are starting to be visible,” Plevneliev told the conference, which brings together more than 4300 participants from 74 countries to discuss developments in information technology and innovation.

Reforms and entrepreneurship are necessary steps for accelerated economic growth, Plevneliev said.

He said that the big question facing European economies is whether governments can overcome the prospect of low economic growth and long-term instability.

“We need to continue reforms for a better business environment, for the integration of regional and European markets, a common European energy and European digital market, as well as education reforms that will help us to address the industries of the future,” Plevneliev said.

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