Greece busts ring selling fake documents to refugees

At least nine people alleged to be members of an organised group that falsified and distributed false documents to immigrants and refugees have been arrested so far in Kos, by the Central Port Authority, with the help of a special squad of the police.

The suspicions of Port Authority officers were raised on March 26 after the apprehension of a 29-year-old foreigner, who during the disembarkation of a passenger ferry at the port and the checking that followed, was found to possess a dossier with dubious authenticity asylum application forms and notes of Greek Police filled in by various individuals, with the purpose of distributing them to refugees and immigrants for a fee.

Eight more foreigners were arrested in the same case, while in ongoing searches of houses were found and seized computers, cameras, a large number of forged memos and documents and a large number of mobile phones and SIM cards.

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(Photo of Kos Harbour: Yuval Madar)