Refugees on Serbia – Macedonia border isolated in improvised tents in dire conditions

Hundreds of refugees continue to stay for days under the snow and rain and in open sky in the camp of Tabanoc on the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.

Besides the transition camp, on the Macedonian side, there are more than 300 other refugees. They are Syrian refugees who claim that they have come back from Serbia, as there have been no suitable conditions to accommodate them and that with the help of humanitarian organisations, they have been temporarily set up in small tents, but under the open sky, in the mud and in dire conditions.

Mahzum, a 35-year-old Syrian, says that they are staying there in miserable conditions and that it is not known what will happen to them.

“It has been several days that we’re here. These are miserable conditions. The children are ill, we are too, but we’re more worried about the children. We call on the authorities to open the borders and allow us to go to Germany, as we have our relatives there, but we also hope that it will be better there”, Mahzum says.

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