Price tag of lengthening Bulgarian – Turkish border fence ‘rises to 100M leva’

Bulgaria’s government has voted an additional 35 million leva for extending the fence along the Turkish border, bringing spending on the project – directed against securing the frontier against illegal migration – to at least 100 million leva (about 51.1 million euro).

Announcing the additional money for the project, the government said that the provision of funds for engineering equipment was essential to counter the migratory pressure at the Bulgarian-Turkish border that had been increasing in recent years, to protect an EU external border and to control the wave of refugees.

The money is to be granted to the regional administrations of Bourgas, Haskovo and Yambol.

When completed, the fence is to stretch 132km. The project is effectively a continuation of the controversial and costly fence erected by the now-departed 2013/14 administration, and appears set to be even more costly per kilometre.

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