Syriza ‘flirting’ with centrist party ahead of crucial votes in parliament

Syriza seems to continue politically “flirting” with minor opposition party Enosi Kentroon (Union of Centrists), judging by the statements made by government ministers. In recent weeks, reports suggested that government officials have been in talks with various opposition party MPs in order to secure their support in parliament when crucial legislation comes to the House in the New Year.

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras told a recent cabinet meeting that an all party government was out of the question. However, he has not publicly ruled out cooperating in government with the centrists led by Vasilis Leventis.

In fact, Leventis has made proposals to Tsipras on the basis of which his party could offer support to the government in certain policy areas. With the government planning to introduce a bill by mid-January reforming social security that will possibly result in pension cuts, Syriza has begun to make contingency plans in case there are defections from the governing coalition.

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(Photo: A Savin)