Polls close in Croatia after tight parliamentary election

The ruling Socialist Democratic Party and the conservative Croatian Democratic Union are neck and neck after polls close in Croatia, reports say. The politicians clashed on the response to the refugee wave.

The coalition gathered around the leftist Socialist Democratic Party is set to win 56 seats in the 151-seat parliament, the exact same number as the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and their allies, an exit poll published on state television showed Sunday.

The poll by the Ipsos Puls agency predicts the results based on surveying a sample of some 29,000 people.

However, it does not take into account votes from abroad, nor voters from ethnic minorities.

The newcomer party “Most” is set to win third place and 18 seats, making it the most likely kingmaker in the coalition talks. The party, founded three years ago, has urged reforms of a bloated public sectory and improving the business climate.

Four other parties also crossed the five-percent threshold needed to enter the assembly, according to the survey.

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(Photo: vlada.gov.hr)