Schengen must survive, Slovak politicians say

Slovakia’s prime minister Robert Fico and his government continue to voice their opposition to EU-wide quotas on accepting refugees after Hungary closed its borders, and the subsequent reimposition of border checks in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

“It is not a struggle between good humanist politicians from the old countries and those from the east who have not grown yet,” Fico said in the parliament on September 16. “It is not a struggle between the bad east and the good west, but rather a struggle for the rules of the EU and making sure they are observed.”

The refugee crisis was the opening point of the programme of the parliament session that began September 16. Fico and Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák presented their opinions, both repeating the government’s opposition to quotas, and emphasising the need for all countries to consistently observe the Schengen rules.

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