Film review: Pride

Way back in 1984, LGBT rights still seemed like a distant dream somewhere over the rainbow. At the same time, UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher was weakening the power of labour unions and enforcing other policies seen by some as being hostile to the working class.

Hatred for Thatcher cannot be underestimated. When she died in 2013, some members of the public celebrated her death by downloading the song “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead” in an effort to force it to be played on the radio. The song reached Number 1 in Scotland and Number 2 in Britain, putting the BBC in an awkward position for its weekly countdown of hit songs.

That is the general backdrop from Pride, a comedy-drama that traces the unlikely but historically factual alliance between a gay and lesbian group on one hand and a Welsh village of striking miners on the other during the 1984–85 coal mining strike.

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(Photo by Nicola Dove – © NDOVE)