Greeks head to Bulgaria to try to draw cash from ATMs

Greeks hit by bank closures and capital controls have been heading across the country’s northern border to Bulgaria to try to draw money from ATMs, with no success as their bank cards when used abroad are still subject to the imposed limit of 60 euro a day.

The Greek government announced on the evening of June 28 that banks would be closed until July 6 and also announced the 60 euro limit on cash withdrawals from automatic teller machines.

Media reports from Greece showed frustrated consumers trekking from one bank machine to another as a significant percentage – the scale is disputed – had run dry.

Bulgarian media reported that Greeks had crossed the border into Bulgaria not only to shop for cheaper goods but also to stock up on petrol at lower prices, amid concerns – fuelled by media reports – that in smaller settlements, petrol could run out.

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(Photo: Vaughan Willis)