Taxis protest Uber in Budapest

Uber, for the uninitiated, is an “uber”-successful American tech company that connects users with amateur drivers, usually at a fraction of the cost of a taxi ride.

Last week, in response to the American tech company’s announcement of free Uber rides in Budapest for any trip under 3000 forint over the weekend, dozens of Budapest taxi drivers gathered at Heroes Square to make a show of protest by driving together along Andrássy út, through central Pest to Várkert Bazár on the Buda side.

They argued that the American company is not required to adhere to the strict rules which regulate Budapest’s taxi services. In particular, they noted that Uber advertises a base fare of 300 forint and a 130 forint kilometerage fee – far lower than the 450 forint base fare / 280 forint kilometerage fee that Budapest taxi companies are required to follow.

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